A program designed around you and your lifestyle…

We all are far too busy keeping up with our lives to focus long enough and keep on track. I’ll help keep you on task and make you accountable with daily, weekly, monthly targets to suit your goals.

Increase Definition and Tone

Whether you want to add definition, increase muscle tone or get a six pack I can help! Key exercises and the right diet will get you there.

Gain Muscle

Muscles mass and strength aids definition and weight loss, increasing metabolism and burning calories with resistance training and repair.

Increase Core Strength

A strong core not only helps with the six pack! Other benefits include… preventing injuries, protecting the back and spine and creating a better posture.

Lose Fat

Fashionable diets and weight loss gimmicks are usually just a short term fix. I’ll provide you with the diet knowledge and fitness plans to work for your lifestyle, so it can work for you in the long term.

Body Recomposition

Body recomposition involves combining weight loss and at the same time increasing muscle to transform your physique. I can get the balance right to reach your recomp goals.

Mind & Body

Weight and cardio training will increase your mental focus, push past your limits giving your more confidence, belief in yourself and you’ll feel happier!


I can help you prepare for your special day! Maybe you want to lose a few pounds, tone up and feel full of energy. Whatever your goals I’d love to help!


Keeping fit during pregnancy makes it easier adapt to physical changes, making it less likely to experience problems in later pregnancy and labour. Post natal we can work on your fitness levels, posture and core strength.

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