A fitness plan unique to you

A complete program to suit you and your lifestyle

There's no magic bullet when it comes to getting in shape but the right programme and the right diet go a long way to getting you there. Accountability helps with commitment, I'll want to see you reach your goal as much as you do and we'll work together to get you there!

My background and experience competing at a high level means I have the knowledge, exercise plans and diet advice you'll ever need.

You can either train one-to-one or at group boot camp sessions. Or mix it up and do both!

NO fads, NO Gimmicks,
just proven results!

My approach to fitness and weight loss is based on proven, scientific methods. The bottom line is calories-in vs calories-out and there are many ways to achieve this. A good healthy diet is critical, combined with an effective cardio and weight resistance program. Cardio gets you fit and burns calories, and HIT (High Interval Training) is one of the most time-efficient methods. Breaking-down and rebuilding muscle also uses up calories, and also increases metabolic rate. Diet gives you the fuel and the right combination of Carbs, Protein and Good Fats is essential to keep you at a healthy weight. I'll help you combine all these three elements and keep track of progress, and make sure you stick to your goals!

There are literally hundreds of workout and diet programmes out there. It can be confusing and frustrating trying to figure out which one works. My advice is stop wasting your time looking and start doing.

Calories in vs calories out still is the bottom line.

I can help you find the right way to burn the calories to fit in with your lifestyle. As well as cardio training, resistance training also keeps the calories in check. Breaking down and rebuilding muscle takes energy (calories).

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