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Meal Plans

As essential part of training

What you eat builds your body. What you put into it, is essential to keeping you healthy, fit, looking good and living a long and happy life. The right diet plan depends on your individual goals. Having the right mix of calories and macros from whole foods is most important; I can design a diet plan that will actually want to stick to and enjoy eating.

Easy to follow

A diet plan that's complicated, involves too much tracking of calories and macros, journaling, difficult to find ingredients or lengthy preparation will not be sustainable long-term. We're all too busy; full-time jobs, family, trying to have a social life - and working out! - most people are lucky if they get in three meals a day.

The simpler the plan the easier it is to stick to. I'll provide sample meal ideas, a serving-size guide, guide you to what healthy options you can choose at restaurants and take-outs. Help you build a library of healthy, easy-to-prepare recipes that have suitable calorie and macro makeups.

Tailored to your goals

Diets are not one-size-fits-all. Although the basics are the same - whole foods, lean proteins, whole grains, healthy fats and low sugar - the makeup of carbs, protein and fat will vary depending on your goals. How much you need to eat is individual to you. I can work out the amount of calories and proportions of food types to suit your body type and your goals. Once we've worked out what's right for you, we create a ratio of macros with these basics in mind:

Fat loss: reduced-calorie, less fat, more lean protein and moderate carbs from whole grains only

Muscle-building: Enough calories to support growth, high in protein with adequate amounts of nutritious carbs and healthy fats

Fitness: Adequate calories, higher in carbs (whole-grain for maintenance, refined only for specific performance needs), lean proteins and healthy fats

Gradual precision

If you follow the basic guidelines, eat clean, whole foods and cheat infrequently, you will definitely start to see results. But at a certain point, you may decide it's time to take it to the next level.

Food-tracking seems like too much hard work to most people, so I keep it as simple as possible. I can introduce you to food-tracking apps and show you how to use them. Starting with small goals, such as recording all the protein eaten in a day, then working up to tracking calories and macros. You'll be able to see where you might be falling short or consuming too much.

Accountability and tracking progress

By investing in a personal trainer, you'll know that I will be keeping an eye on your progress. I really want you to get the results you crave and make sure you give 100% every work-out and that goes for diet too. I'll make sure you're on-track and clear up any confusion over food types, macros and work through any sticking points.

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